What We Do

Amazing Emoji's for Grown Folks

More Mature

Smoji is meant for a mature audience

Fun and Flirtatious

Kick back and say let your smoji do the talking!

Detailed Design

Your smoji is just like you! Fully customizable and built with attention to detail in mind, your avatar can be crafted curve by curve…no cookie cutter bodies here!

Stickers are Sexy

Sending stickers is sexy. Download the app and start getting your message across today!

Built for the Bold

More suggestive messages for grown folks

Different Levels of Lewd

Not sure if that message is too raunchy? Start with something more mild…then work up to something a little nasty…

Make your Smoji! Pick out facial features, body type, and clothes.

Craft your Message! Selection from dozens of messages and poses for your smoji.

Send and get laid!

Advance customization gives you full control of your smoji!

Hundreds of Customization Options and talk bit about compatibility maybe who knows, the decision is yours to make! Don’t be hurry.

Skin Tone

More skin tones to help you get the exact shade of Smoji that is right to represent you.


Grown folks talk grown: speak you mind with Smoji.


More options styles from natural to neon.


The devil is in the details and he smallest change can really set off your Smoji’s look!


Check out what people are saying about Smoji!

“Communicating through text can be a bit hard sometimes. Using SMOJI gave me more options for sending messages that really captured what I was thinking”

Steven Washington, Charlotte NC
Steven Washington, Charlotte NC

“I love my man dearly, but he seriously has NO GAME whatsoever. I convinced him to use SMOJI and it’s been such a huge plus for our relationship. He definitely is starting to express himself in a different way, and I love it!”

Kelly Stonewall, Roswell GA
Kelly Stonewall, Roswell GA

“In this day and age, women want a man who can speak their language. This app right here is a game changer for sure”

Brian Anderson, Washington DC
Brian Anderson, Washington DC

A Picture is Worth 1000 Words

Or 69 when you Speak Sex Differently…

SMOJI was created for men and women who want to put the spice back into communicating with the opposite sex.
This unique mobile app experience puts the power of creative interaction back into the hands of the user.
It encourages users to unleash their creativity, build common interests, and most importantly “Speak Sex Differently”.

Smoji truly takes SMS and MMS messaging to another level.
Expounding upon similar products such as Bitmoji and Emojis, Smoji creates a new concept that allows
for a deeper level of personalization in an area that is often placed on the back burner in terms of creative communication.
It builds upon the psychological desires for individuality, and gives even the most timid user a chance at a more distinct way of expressing themselves.

# of wet sheets thanks to smoji….